Weight Loss Pills – What Are They And Do They Work

Because of the difficulties that many of us have with getting up and physically engaging in some sort of exercise or work out to lose weight, the weight loss industry is now selling us weight loss pills that are alleged to be able to make us lose weight.

But do they really work? Do these magic weight loss pills really work to help us lose weight without engaging in any exercise? You decide.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and green tea extract are two of the most commonly used ingredients in weight loss pills. Although neither of these ingredients directly led to weight loss, both are scientifically proven to be helpful to accelerate fat burning, increase metabolism and establish a feeling of fullness which leads to eating less.


Before trying out a particular pill, you should check if it is approved by FDA. It is worth noting that these pills fall under the category of dietary supplements only. There is no exact ingredient in a weight loss pill that will truly make you lose weight. Instead, they usually contain ingredients that will suppress one’s eating habits. Thus, these pills will work best if you will pair them with proper diet and regular exercise.

Additionally, you should check the labels of the pills before trying one out. Although most manufacturers say that their products are all-natural, it is not an assurance that they are safe. Reading the labels to check the ingredients and the maximum dosage is still a smart act.

Again, to say that a pill is safe for you or not can only be identified by your doctor. It is always safe to consult an expert first before believing the promises of this commercial weight losing pills.