Top Reasons for Not Hiring a Personal Trainer

If you are a personal trainer looking to expand your customer base, be prepared to face some nasty excuses on why a prospective client cannot hire you. You will be surprised at how easily people overlook the benefits of personal training for their overall health and lifestyle. As a personal trainer it is your responsibility to educate them and make them aware of how they can enrol for personal training despite their apparent difficulties. This is why fitness instructing courses have become so popular in recent years, a good fitness education is paramount for a personal trainers success.

Lack of Gym Membership

Many people are still stuck with the idea that a personal trainer is available only at a gym. And lack of gym membership is their typical excuse for not being able to train under you. Educate them on how the personal training industry has evolved over the years and tell them about the personal training courses you have studied at, like the courses at europeanpti for example.

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Nowadays, a personal trainer will turn up at a place that is convenient for the client instead of the other way round. Personal training classes can be conducted at residences, workplaces, outdoors or the trainer’s studio. So a client does not really have to have a gym membership in order to enjoy the benefits of personal training.

Lack of Resources

Personal training is often considered exorbitant as it is commonly associated with celebrities, public figures and the rich. Here too, you will have to explain how personal training can be made affordable or how it can help your client save serious money over the years.

Personal trainers these days offer group packages where a small pack of like-minded individuals can pool in their resources to hire a trainer and share costs.

You and your client will have to decide how many members can be accommodated so that there is a healthy balance between quality and quantity.

If a client does not want to share training time, explain to her how personal training can make her fit and healthy thereby reducing her medical expenses substantially. Present her with statistics on the average cost of treating lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac conditions and depression and so on. Then explain to her how personal training can teach her to lead a healthier lifestyle so that she has to visit her doctor less often.

Unwilling to Pay for Something that can be on done without Professional Help

Many people think that exercising is all about following some TV fitness programmes or mass-produced DVDs. They are unwilling to pay for expert guidance when they feel that they can derive the same benefits but just following the demonstrations on their own.

The onus is on you to break their misconceptions. Explain to them the risks associated with exercising without a trainer. Tell them that they can easily tear ligaments or injure their back if they cannot do the movements correctly. In such case, they will never reach their fitness goal and all their efforts will simple mean wasting time.

Reluctant to Make Time

Another common excuse you will face is lack of time. However lack of time should not matter in case of personal training as trainers are always ready to visit clients at their convenient hour. A person who cares for his body will carve out some time for fitness training despite his busy schedule. After all, nothing can be more important than becoming fighting fit and gaining health.

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