Things You Need for Each Kettlebell Training Session

Important Things You Need for Each Kettlebell Training Session


As a kettlebell trainer, it is important for you to make each and every session meaningful, interesting, inclusive and worthy for your clients. It can become difficult at times especially when you are doing the same thing every day.

However, there are certain things you can definitely incorporate into your sessions that will make your clients more involved and take things more seriously. Most of these small but important aspects are taught as part of your kettlebell certifications courses and you should definitely make them a part of your daily training sessions. Check out Functional Fitness Courses offer online certifications at and get started on your certifications!

Be Organized

A trainer who is organized is always held in high esteem. Remember, clients are paying good money for their time and they wouldn’t want to wait while you arrange the number of kettlebells you require, plan out your workouts; arrange the workout area and so on. If you are providing the equipments and workout mats then be sure that everything is in place before clients arrive.

And that means making necessary changes each time for different groups of clients, keeping in mind their exclusive needs, their fitness goals and keeping a tab on every client’s progression and regression.

Be Professional

Having a professional attitude is a great way of convincing clients that you deserve the session rates you charge. Never be late if you are training clients at home or at their workplace. Do not skip sessions under any pretext or if you must, then do inform your clients in advance and compensate later for the missed session. Nothing is more frustrating for a client than waiting for a trainer who does not turn up. Clients learn from you and if you are shoddy in your approach, they too will lack the will required to reach their fitness goals.

Stay Focussed

You have learnt all about kettlebell training during your kettlebell certifications courses to help clients attain a better lifestyle. So stay focused just on that during your sessions. Avoid idle chitchat or personal talks with clients. Switch off your mobile and shut out the outside world. Once you are with your clients, all that matters is how much value you are handing out, how much improvement you are making in their fitness level and how well you are teaching them to do their workouts correctly and perfectly.

Have the Right Attitude

This is another important aspect that is emphasized on during your kettlebell certifications courses. Having the right attitude is what differentiates professionals from amateurs. Wear the right attire which means proper workout clothes and shoes. Don’t turn up for your training session wearing just whatever you feel like. This makes you look shoddy and clients may not take you seriously. Maintain a neat and well-groomed look just as if you are attending your office. Have a determined look and a no-nonsense attitude so that clients take you seriously.

Be Involved

Don’t just sit and watch over your group going through their daily grind. Get up and get involved. Roam around and keep an eye on each and every client. Offer tips, help them perfect their form and keep the motivation high. Both CEC and CPD accredited online kettlebell courses by Functional Fitness Courses.