Abstain from Alcohol and Soda for Healthy Weight Loss

Abstain from Alcohol and Soda for Healthy Weight Loss

Losing weight, takes more than food control. It doesn’t cross most minds but, alcohol and soda contain plenty of calories that are likely to hamper the weight loss process.

If a comparison is drawn between high-calorie foods and alcohol & soda, the beverages would emerge as the unhealthiest. When you are eating even the unhealthiest of foods, there’s a limit to the quantity you can consume. Moreover, you can become aware of this over a period and may be able to reduce consumption of fatty foods.

However, in the case of alcohol and soda, perhaps due to their effect on weight and metabolism being underrated, this compensation is not realised or therefore, not made.


While most people speak of the negative side effects and long-term health effects of alcohol, many seem to overlook its impact on the weight and metabolism.

To begin with, alcohol comprises empty calories. In other words, alcoholic beverages consist of many calories that contain zero nutritional value. The body cannot store this, which means that the energy has to be used and metabolised immediately.

Because alcohol is immediately absorbed to the bloodstream, vital nutrients such as carbohydrates and required-fat are not digested the correct way. If losing weight is your primary goal, then it is pivotal that the glass of Bacardi be placed back on the counter. The same principle applies even for your occasional cocktail. Ever wondered how your mojito acquired that luminous shade of blue? It all comes down to the common enemy of gym-lovers: sugar.

In the long run, continuous consumption of alcohol results in disruptions to the natural flow of digestion and conversion of nutrients into energy.

Side Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol primarily affects the liver. Alcoholism results in cirrhosis of the liver caused by malnutrition and the liver’s inability to absorb and activate vital nutrients.

As a result of the dysfunction of the body’s metabolism, vital nutrients are shunned and the maintenance of blood sugar levels is obstructed. Alcohol is capable of impairing the body’s natural ability to produce glucose or sugar (in the blood). Prolonged consumption of alcohol could result in diabetics.

Interestingly, consumption of alcohol can affect one’s sleep patterns. A drink or two could bring about sleepiness, but not an ideal sleep that covers all four stages of the sleep cycle. This results in a higher consumption of calories in order to compensate for the lack of energy.


For some, soda is a common day equivalent to water. However, the constituents of nutrients in both are starkly different. Soda contains sugar – the Reference Daily Intake nearly 100 percent more; phosphoric acid and caffeine, which results in insomnia high BP and irregular heartbeat. However, water does not contain any of these ingredients and hence, is a healthier option.

Side Effects of Soda

As a result of its many harmful effects based on the content of sugar, soda could also be considered a substitute of sugar.

On a sleepy, hectic day, a sugar rush is usually considered good. However, soda comes with a surplus of sugar, which is very unhealthy. Research identifies twenty to forty-five minutes as sufficient time for sugar to convert to insulin that in turn converts to fat, that finally results in an increased dopamine production stimulating the brain’s pleasure centres. Studies go on to show this final phase to be the equivalent of a heroin dosage.

Soda also causes the decay of teeth. An acid used as a preservative in the beverage dissolves the enamel in the teeth. The impact doesn’t stop there. The decay acts as an opening to many more infections and dental problems.

Excessive consumption of soda also results in bone loss. The phosphoric acid used in soda also absorbs calcium during excretion. On one hand, the loss of calcium results in osteoporosis and on the other, greater quantities of phosphorus results in kidney failure. Studies show that while kidney stones are more likely to impact obese Caucasian males, eighty percent of women contract osteoporosis.

Keeping Fit

While it is unlikely that one could completely undergo the cessation of alcohol and soda, it is advised that intakes be regulated. For some, this practice would result in the end of consumption, whereas for others it would slower the process of side effects caused by the beverages.

Finally, in the context of alcohol, diluted drinks are recommended. This ensures that the quantity of alcohol consumed is much less.

Boot Camp Coogee

Boot camp Coogee – How to Use a Boot Camp Program to Your Advantage?

Joining a boot camp will not do any good unless you are prepared to use it to your advantage. Boot camp Coogee trainers can help you reach your fitness goals in a healthy way. However, to gain the maximum benefit from these boot camps, you need to have a proactive approach. You cannot blindly leave everything to your fitness instructor and just do what he says.

It is good to be curious

When it comes to the matter of your health, it is always good to be curious. If your trainer has assigned you an array of different kinds of exercises, you have the right to know why he has done so.

Before doing every exercise, ask your instructor about its role in your fitness regime. Gathering knowledge is part of the whole experience of boot camp Coogee. This way, you can learn about the areas of your body that need more work than other parts.

Understanding how much exercise your body can take and when to give it a rest will help you avoid inflicting unnecessary bruises to it.

The personal fitness trainers at boot camp Coogee are not merely your exercise instructors but also your teachers. While following their devised programs may make you fit, knowing the reason behind performing each exercise will help you remain fit throughout your life.

You can also inspire others to choose the path of fitness by sharing the knowledge you gain. So do not ever settle for anything less than detailed information on every action you perform in boot camp Coogee.

Extracting and following suggestions

Most fitness trainers won’t even bother to provide any extra suggestions unless you come upfront and request them. When you join boot camp Coogee, you will not be doing so for free. Don’t you want to make the most of every buck that you spend on boot camp?

Then be ready to be super-interactive rather than adopting a silent mode. Any kind of suggestion related to your health will only help you in the long run. By making use of every small or big suggestion that your trainer gives, you will be able to adopt a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.

If your trainer suggests that you perform a specific exercise in a certain way and you are unable to do it, do not turn a deaf ear to his suggestions. The same goes for following a particular diet. Once you start ignoring each and every suggestion of his, he will gradually refrain from making any further suggestions in future.

If you really want to succeed in achieving your fitness goals, you must push yourself beyond your limits. Erase the word impossible from your memory and take every suggestion that you get at boot camp Coogee seriously.

Sticking to your fitness diet

It is common knowledge that you cannot binge on junk foods and empty calories once you decide to get fit. Most boot camps like boot camp Coogee make you follow a strict diet consisting of nutritious food.

Turning greedy or gluttonous after a few days of eating a healthy diet does not help in reaching your fitness goal. Neither will the exercises at boot camp be of any use if you are sneaking in huge amounts of fatty foods into your daily diet.

Right amount of physical workout along with the right kind of diet is the only way you can get fit in a healthy manner.

You must understand that the nutrition suggestions provided by the boot camp Coogee trainers are for a reason. These experts understand the needs of your body and know what is best for you, perhaps better than you do.

Violating one’s fitness diet that one is supposed to religiously follow shows one’s callousness towards the fitness program. Therefore, joining a boot camp becomes a waste of both your time and your money.

Boost your self confidence

At the first glance, it might seem extremely difficult to imagine yourself complete the entire fitness program at boot camp Sydney because of their challenging workout regime. But once you commit yourself to reach your fitness goal, do not give up in the middle of the boot camp program.

Do not let your confidence waver before you have even tried to perform the exercises devised by the boot camp. Be prepared to give your 100% to these grueling programs. The workout sessions are bound to become easier for you once you get the hang of the different exercises.

How to Assess Your Current Fitness Levels?

Most of us pride ourselves on having a healthy and strong body which requires no exercise or we consider regular exercise as waste of time and avoid it completely. However, the reality is that majority of people are unfit without knowing so and are susceptible to a number of diseases and disorders which can jeopardize their normal life anytime.

Whether you are overweight, underweight or just a little flabby, assessing your fitness level will bring out the truth about your physical condition and help you to understand whether any remedial steps need to be taken.

If you are already working out regularly, assessing your physical condition from time to time will indicate your progress or the lack of it. A few simple DIY procedures can help determine your fitness level.

Measure Your weight

Your body weight is an important indication of your fitness level. It is a good practice to take your weight periodically on a weighing scale and enter the value in a chart which you maintain and update on a regular basis.

The chart should also contain your height so that you can have an idea if your present weight is ideal when compared to your height.

Although several other physical factors like physical activities, your cholesterol level, age, gender or medical conditions play an important role in determining your ideal weight, this chart is a good indicator if you are overweight, underweight or weigh normally.Fitness

Measure your BMI

Another way of measuring your current fitness level would be to calculate your BMI scores. BMI or Body Mass Index is used to categorize people according to their weight and you can use a BMI calculator to see where you stand exactly.

Search online for a BMI calculator from a trusted site and enter your weight and height in the boxes earmarked for them to see your BMI value. However, adult BMI calculator is not applicable for children and teens for which you need to look up a separate calculator specifically for them, which takes into account their age and gender.

You can consider yourself fit if your BMI score is between 20 and 25. It is a healthy practice to check your BMI from time to time to assess your condition and stay within the normal range.

Go for a Walk

To assess your current fitness level, take a brisk walk for one mile and check the time it takes you to complete the distance. If you can cover the mile within ten minutes, you can consider yourself fit and healthy. However, if you are panting and take much longer to complete your walk, you need to work towards improving your fitness.

Calculate your Resting Heart Rate

Your Resting Heart Rate (RHR) is also a good indicator of your fitness. It is the rate at which the heart beats per minute when your body is at rest. Take your RHR reading immediately after waking up in the morning before performing any physical activity.

Locate the radial pulse on the wrist and count the beats for one minute (sixty seconds). Take the first beat as zero reading. A lower RHR value indicates a higher fitness level and an RHR of 60 or lower is considered good.

Measure your Waist-Hip Ratio (WHR)

Your waist-hip ratio will also indicate how fit your body is. This ratio determines the distribution of fat around your waist vis-a-vis the girth of your hip. For women, a WHR of 0.8 or less is good while for men, the ideal ratio should be 0.9 or less.

In order to evaluate your WHR, measure your hips at the buttocks (where your hip is widest) and then measure your waist at its narrowest point. Divide the waist measurement by the hip measurement in order to know your WHR ratio.

Assess your Flexibility

The flexibility of your body will also indicate how supple and strong you are. Sit on the floor with your legs outstretched in front and put a yardstick in front.

Put your heels at the fifteen inch mark and bend forward to try and touch your toes with your fingertips. See how far you can reach out comfortably.

Do some Vertical Leaps

Vertical leaps, whether done standing or in a squatting position, will indicate your body’s agility and the ability to respond quickly to situations. Stand against a wall, raise your hands and mark the spot where your fingertips touch the wall. You can also squat on the floor, stretch your hands overhead and similarly mark the spot on the wall where your fingertips touch against it.

Next, smear some chalk or ink on your fingertips and jump as high as you can (whether you are standing or squatting) and let your fingertips touch the wall again.

Measure the difference between the two marks to get an indication of your fitness level. A reading between 50cm and 60cm for men and 40cm and 50cm for women is cons

Your Health and Your App – 4 Reasons Why it’s Good to have an Health App

People nowadays cannot function without their mobile phones. They use their phones in almost every transaction. They can easily communicate with someone – either from a few step away or with a large ocean separating the two parties. The mobile also offers different methods of communication – one can call, text, send an email, send a video or sound In a matter of seconds.

With the evolution of the mobile phone came the emergence and the proliferation of application (more commonly known as apps). Apps can be of many kinds – from sheer function to enjoyment. In addition, there are also apps, which are targeted to health-conscious people.

There are many kids of health-related apps. They can be categorized as tracking apps, calculator apps, recommendations apps (for diet and nutrition),  apps for physical workout, medication and diagnosis apps (reference guide-style), relaxation, mediation and inspiration and specialized health apps (women, students, for kids,  people with certain kind of illness and the like).

Here are benefits of downloading a health app to your phone:

  1. Health apps can keep you on your toes. Like many apps on the market, may health apps serves as daily reminder of your goal – to be healthy in one way of another. Whether it is an app that attempts to control your calorie count or tries to measure your heartbeat, these health – related apps helps you to mind your health.
  2. It is motivating. A health app reminder is not a Ghost of the Christmas Past. It is just a reminder, which you can ignore or do.  Also, it helps you motivate how far you are coming along and sometimes in some apps, how others are progressing in their goals.
  3.  It is convenient. Health apps are a convenient way to be reminded of your health goals. The app is downloaded to your phone, which can be carried anywhere and sued anytime. This is also a good reason for you not to slack off or excuse yourself of to being aware of your goals. In addition, the app is readily accessible as long as your hope has a battery life.
  4. You will either thank or blame yourself in the end. Your health app is only a tool, not the ultimate solution to your health problem. It can only do what it is designed to do. The rest is up to you and your actions .

Health apps are a great addition o the app market. Like any kind of tools, many people will find these apps very interesting, fun and convenient to use, educating and helpful.

How to Get Rid Of Wrinkles under Eyes

The skin around the eyes is one area which shows the signs of ageing. These signs are wrinkles that form as fine lines, Crow’s feet, puffiness, or as under eye bags, etc. You may want to get rid wrinkles under eyes if you noticed sagging or loose skin in this part of your face. Here is a simple guide on how to clear those eye wrinkles from your face naturally.

Before you planning to get rid of wrinkles under your eyes, it is important to understand what causes wrinkles under the eyes. A lot of factors are responsible for this condition and some of them include:

Ageing process – this is about the most common factor that results to loose skin around under the eyes. As the skin gets older or aging, the cells become thinner because collagen, which helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin, is lost. From the loss of elasticity, the cells of the body become weaker and wrinkle.

Stress – when the body of the face is stressed up, eventually the skin would sag and become loose. The skin under the eyes is often short of natural oil and this makes them to sag easily. Lack of sleep and over straining of the eyes (by repetitive movements) is common stress factors that cause under eye wrinkles.

Diet and lifestyle – when the body lacks some nourishments, it causes the skin to skins of the under eyes to wrinkle. In addition, if you are having an improper exercise culture and lifestyle, these many result to sagging skin that may also affect your eyes.

There you go – as you can see, anyone can get rid of wrinkles from under their eyes, if they know what needs to be done and if they go the necessary step to do what needs to be done!

The Many Benefits of Sleeping to Our Health

Sleeping is as important as eating. It is a necessity for our body to gain strength from the stress encountered during the day. Also, sleeping has many benefits to offer. Nevertheless, most people neglect its importance. Yes, we sleep but the question is, is it enough?

As human we need to have enough sleep. Sleeping helps our brain to restore and process new information and it improves our memory. It helps us relax our body from the things done the entire day. When we have proper sleep we strengthen our body’s immune system that helps us to fight infection and it repairs our body system. It lowers the chances of getting high blood pressure and inflammatory markers.

It also lessens the possibility of having diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and other illnesses. Having a good sleep helps to make our day right. Since our body have enough rest we can do better work and it affects how we interact with people.

On the other hand, without proper sleep or lack of sleep can lead to malfunction of our body. We are more prone to diseases since our immune system will be weaker. It will be hard for the brain to process information and retain an idea which often makes us forgetful.

Our body will easily get tired from doing work and makes us more exhausted. It can also lead to gaining weight. The hormone that influence and manage our appetite is regulated when we sleep. When we lack sleep we tend to look for food that is rich in calories and fats. And without proper sleep it is easier for us to be irritated and we will lack interest from doing our work. Depriving our self from sleeping is depriving our self from having healthy and long life.

There are factors why we lack sleep. Some people tend to finish task during the night others have insomnia. Some have difficulty in sleeping again once disturb or having nightmares. Whatever is the reason why we can’t get enough sleep we must ask advice from the expert and do what they say.

Also, prioritize sleeping during the night. Instead of finishing task at night, sleep early and wake up early to accomplish task. We get more ideas and our brain functions well when we have enough sleep. Follow proper sleeping hygiene to help you sleep easier. We must not deprive ours self from having good sleep.

Weight Loss Pills – What Are They And Do They Work

Because of the difficulties that many of us have with getting up and physically engaging in some sort of exercise or work out to lose weight, the weight loss industry is now selling us weight loss pills that are alleged to be able to make us lose weight.

But do they really work? Do these magic weight loss pills really work to help us lose weight without engaging in any exercise? You decide.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and green tea extract are two of the most commonly used ingredients in weight loss pills. Although neither of these ingredients directly led to weight loss, both are scientifically proven to be helpful to accelerate fat burning, increase metabolism and establish a feeling of fullness which leads to eating less.


Before trying out a particular pill, you should check if it is approved by FDA. It is worth noting that these pills fall under the category of dietary supplements only. There is no exact ingredient in a weight loss pill that will truly make you lose weight. Instead, they usually contain ingredients that will suppress one’s eating habits. Thus, these pills will work best if you will pair them with proper diet and regular exercise.

Additionally, you should check the labels of the pills before trying one out. Although most manufacturers say that their products are all-natural, it is not an assurance that they are safe. Reading the labels to check the ingredients and the maximum dosage is still a smart act.

Again, to say that a pill is safe for you or not can only be identified by your doctor. It is always safe to consult an expert first before believing the promises of this commercial weight losing pills.