Abstain from Alcohol and Soda for Healthy Weight Loss

Abstain from Alcohol and Soda for Healthy Weight Loss

Losing weight, takes more than food control. It doesn’t cross most minds but, alcohol and soda contain plenty of calories that are likely to hamper the weight loss process.

If a comparison is drawn between high-calorie foods and alcohol & soda, the beverages would emerge as the unhealthiest. When you are eating even the unhealthiest of foods, there’s a limit to the quantity you can consume. Moreover, you can become aware of this over a period and may be able to reduce consumption of fatty foods.

However, in the case of alcohol and soda, perhaps due to their effect on weight and metabolism being underrated, this compensation is not realised or therefore, not made.


While most people speak of the negative side effects and long-term health effects of alcohol, many seem to overlook its impact on the weight and metabolism.

To begin with, alcohol comprises empty calories. In other words, alcoholic beverages consist of many calories that contain zero nutritional value. The body cannot store this, which means that the energy has to be used and metabolised immediately.

Because alcohol is immediately absorbed to the bloodstream, vital nutrients such as carbohydrates and required-fat are not digested the correct way. If losing weight is your primary goal, then it is pivotal that the glass of Bacardi be placed back on the counter. The same principle applies even for your occasional cocktail. Ever wondered how your mojito acquired that luminous shade of blue? It all comes down to the common enemy of gym-lovers: sugar.

In the long run, continuous consumption of alcohol results in disruptions to the natural flow of digestion and conversion of nutrients into energy.

Side Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol primarily affects the liver. Alcoholism results in cirrhosis of the liver caused by malnutrition and the liver’s inability to absorb and activate vital nutrients.

As a result of the dysfunction of the body’s metabolism, vital nutrients are shunned and the maintenance of blood sugar levels is obstructed. Alcohol is capable of impairing the body’s natural ability to produce glucose or sugar (in the blood). Prolonged consumption of alcohol could result in diabetics.

Interestingly, consumption of alcohol can affect one’s sleep patterns. A drink or two could bring about sleepiness, but not an ideal sleep that covers all four stages of the sleep cycle. This results in a higher consumption of calories in order to compensate for the lack of energy.


For some, soda is a common day equivalent to water. However, the constituents of nutrients in both are starkly different. Soda contains sugar – the Reference Daily Intake nearly 100 percent more; phosphoric acid and caffeine, which results in insomnia high BP and irregular heartbeat. However, water does not contain any of these ingredients and hence, is a healthier option.

Side Effects of Soda

As a result of its many harmful effects based on the content of sugar, soda could also be considered a substitute of sugar.

On a sleepy, hectic day, a sugar rush is usually considered good. However, soda comes with a surplus of sugar, which is very unhealthy. Research identifies twenty to forty-five minutes as sufficient time for sugar to convert to insulin that in turn converts to fat, that finally results in an increased dopamine production stimulating the brain’s pleasure centres. Studies go on to show this final phase to be the equivalent of a heroin dosage.

Soda also causes the decay of teeth. An acid used as a preservative in the beverage dissolves the enamel in the teeth. The impact doesn’t stop there. The decay acts as an opening to many more infections and dental problems.

Excessive consumption of soda also results in bone loss. The phosphoric acid used in soda also absorbs calcium during excretion. On one hand, the loss of calcium results in osteoporosis and on the other, greater quantities of phosphorus results in kidney failure. Studies show that while kidney stones are more likely to impact obese Caucasian males, eighty percent of women contract osteoporosis.

Keeping Fit

While it is unlikely that one could completely undergo the cessation of alcohol and soda, it is advised that intakes be regulated. For some, this practice would result in the end of consumption, whereas for others it would slower the process of side effects caused by the beverages.

Finally, in the context of alcohol, diluted drinks are recommended. This ensures that the quantity of alcohol consumed is much less.

Boot Camp Coogee

Boot camp Coogee – How to Use a Boot Camp Program to Your Advantage?

Joining a boot camp will not do any good unless you are prepared to use it to your advantage. Boot camp Coogee trainers can help you reach your fitness goals in a healthy way. However, to gain the maximum benefit from these boot camps, you need to have a proactive approach. You cannot blindly leave everything to your fitness instructor and just do what he says.

It is good to be curious

When it comes to the matter of your health, it is always good to be curious. If your trainer has assigned you an array of different kinds of exercises, you have the right to know why he has done so.

Before doing every exercise, ask your instructor about its role in your fitness regime. Gathering knowledge is part of the whole experience of boot camp Coogee. This way, you can learn about the areas of your body that need more work than other parts.

Understanding how much exercise your body can take and when to give it a rest will help you avoid inflicting unnecessary bruises to it.

The personal fitness trainers at boot camp Coogee are not merely your exercise instructors but also your teachers. While following their devised programs may make you fit, knowing the reason behind performing each exercise will help you remain fit throughout your life.

You can also inspire others to choose the path of fitness by sharing the knowledge you gain. So do not ever settle for anything less than detailed information on every action you perform in boot camp Coogee.

Extracting and following suggestions

Most fitness trainers won’t even bother to provide any extra suggestions unless you come upfront and request them. When you join boot camp Coogee, you will not be doing so for free. Don’t you want to make the most of every buck that you spend on boot camp?

Then be ready to be super-interactive rather than adopting a silent mode. Any kind of suggestion related to your health will only help you in the long run. By making use of every small or big suggestion that your trainer gives, you will be able to adopt a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.

If your trainer suggests that you perform a specific exercise in a certain way and you are unable to do it, do not turn a deaf ear to his suggestions. The same goes for following a particular diet. Once you start ignoring each and every suggestion of his, he will gradually refrain from making any further suggestions in future.

If you really want to succeed in achieving your fitness goals, you must push yourself beyond your limits. Erase the word impossible from your memory and take every suggestion that you get at boot camp Coogee seriously.

Sticking to your fitness diet

It is common knowledge that you cannot binge on junk foods and empty calories once you decide to get fit. Most boot camps like boot camp Coogee make you follow a strict diet consisting of nutritious food.

Turning greedy or gluttonous after a few days of eating a healthy diet does not help in reaching your fitness goal. Neither will the exercises at boot camp be of any use if you are sneaking in huge amounts of fatty foods into your daily diet.

Right amount of physical workout along with the right kind of diet is the only way you can get fit in a healthy manner.

You must understand that the nutrition suggestions provided by the boot camp Coogee trainers are for a reason. These experts understand the needs of your body and know what is best for you, perhaps better than you do.

Violating one’s fitness diet that one is supposed to religiously follow shows one’s callousness towards the fitness program. Therefore, joining a boot camp becomes a waste of both your time and your money.

Boost your self confidence

At the first glance, it might seem extremely difficult to imagine yourself complete the entire fitness program at boot camp Sydney because of their challenging workout regime. But once you commit yourself to reach your fitness goal, do not give up in the middle of the boot camp program.

Do not let your confidence waver before you have even tried to perform the exercises devised by the boot camp. Be prepared to give your 100% to these grueling programs. The workout sessions are bound to become easier for you once you get the hang of the different exercises.